Why I Shoot For The Blur…


There are so many schools of thought out there when it comes to photography. 

People who think everything should be in focus at f8 or above when shooting.

Those who believe the bokeh is for the trash can.

That blur is bad.

Many out there who like to be photo elitist and don’t edit their photos out of the camera, judging you for your editing.

And soooo many others who find fault with whatever you choose to do in your own photography.

You can find these people all over the internet, ready to troll every post on a popular photography page and let them know what is wrong with whatever is posted.


And I wonder, at what point in their life, did they become so closed minded in their craft? So limited in their beliefs on how to use their equipment and their vision. So stunted in their growth as an artist, that once they learned one way to do things, they stopped learning about other ways and growing.

I have studied a bit of it all. I have been doing photography specifically for over a decade now in addition to the other creative pursuits and I love finding ways to combine all these loves I have into each other.

I love studying different arts, so much so, that I basically have a mini art store upstairs in my art room with all the different mediums I’ve played with over the years.

I love studying different artists and going to galleries and museums, to see how others have manifested their talents and growing from what I learn for my own work.

I love collecting art from other artists to hang in my house. A constant source of inspiration when I look around.


And in all that practice and studying… I have come to some definite conclusions of my own for my own art.

I love blur. 

I love blur so much that even photos that are in a complete blur, implying the scene beyond, I find beautiful.

I also love textures… as if that wasn’t obvious by now since you’ve been on my site.

I love texture so much that even the art I make with my art supplies somehow end up looking like textures. I did some coldwax and oil paintings recently and the first question I got when I posted them was “are these going to be textures” for photos? And I thought that was funny a bit since I didn’t really set out to make textures with them. I was going for more of an abstract look I could hang in my house.

But the longer you practice your craft, the more you start to define your style and what works for you… and we can all say that texture definitely works for me. Whether it be in the fabrics I love to use to decorate my house, the art I love to paint, and the things I love to photograph. Somehow it all tends to evolve around beautiful textures.

And between my love of blur and my love of textures… I have found the perfect formula for my photography. 

Blur allows both your subject and your texture to shine. 

If you were to add a texture to a photo that was completely in focus with all the elements tack sharp, you would end up with a complete mess if you were to add textures on top of all that. You now have all the elements in your photo fighting for your focus and the texture just adding to the chaos. 

You confuse the scene. Not letting your texture shine or your subject shine. Mostly you are just muddying up the image.

And this my friends…. 

Is exactly why I now shoot for the blur. 

In my love of combining my photography with my love of textures, I want to create images that are beautiful and are beautifully complemented by what I add to them.

For your image to shine you need a sharp subject. For your textures to shine you need blur or simplicity around your subject. That way each of the elements has a chance to complement each other instead of competing with each other. You are giving each of the elements their time in the sun and I love that.

The interest and depth you create with blur and textures truly make my photography journey richer. Are you a blur lover too? Share with me in the comments!

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  1. Wendy

    Yes, I’m a blur lover too Denise! Right from day one. I can’t be bothered with closed minded people. If they don’t want to enhance their work, that fine by me as long as they don’t try to push their views my way. It’s just prideful thinking on their part if they do.

  2. Lisa Marie Allen

    Blur lover here too ! I can’t help but think how empty my life would be had I not evolved in my photography and ever changing interests. Sure, it’s okay to love “one” thing but it’s never okay to put down others that are renaissance types of loving many things. I’ve come a long way from just shooting ice hockey 25 years ago !

    • Denise Love

      So true! I love many things… and so appreciate that I keep changing and evolving! 🙂

  3. nathalybrault

    Hi Denise! I love blur! It makes me different with my photo then other people. I’m beginner in photography and I already see what would be my style. I love the effect of the blur when I use my Lensbaby Velvet 56 and the possibilities of creating with it. It is base on how I feel and how I see.
    I admire your talent and all your work!
    I’m from Québec, Canada, and here it is not every people who appreciate that blurry art.
    Thankyou Denise for what you do, your art make me confident! I will continue to create more blurry images! Thankyou!
    (Sorry for my english 🙂

    • Denise Love

      So glad to meet another blur lover! 🙂

  4. Karen White

    Oh, I love blur. I don’t always shoot for it – it depends on my subject and mood – but I do love it and love to see it in other photographers’ work. I’m happy to have found your website.

    • Denise Love

      Thank you! So glad you stopped by 🙂


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