Join a wonderful, supportive, creative community of fellow photographic artists. 

Hello and welcome! I hope you have enjoyed your visit to 2 Lil’ Owls Studio! Maybe you have been a long time follower, or maybe you just happened upon us today… either way – I’m so glad you stopped by. At 2 Lil’ Owls Studio, I strive to provide you with the most creative digital tools and workshops to help you take your photographic journey further. I love to help people in their artistic efforts, creating a positive and encouraging environment for you to thrive in.

As a Texture Club member -you’ll be joining a group of more than 500 photo enthusiasts already enjoying club benefits! You will have access to beautiful new goodies every month, wonderful extras I add in periodically and creative workshops. We also have a fantastically active, private Facebook Group just for club members where you can come share and interact with others in the club.

Read on for more information on what’s included in the club membership!

~Denise Love, Founder of 2 Lil’ Owls Studio

I have a little preview video of the club for you to check out below!

How The Membership Works

  • Gorgeous Textures Monthly – You get a brand new texture collection and bonus every month included in your membership! These are brand new collections I have created for Texture Club and are not sets currently for sale on the main 2 Lil’ Owls site. No need to worry if you already may have purchased a collection that is coming out in Texture Club since these are brand new collections each month.
  • Tons of Extras – There are lots of extra goodies included in the club for you which I add to and change out periodically.
  • Club Workshops and Videos – You get access to all the workshops and videos created specifically for the club, including the super-popular “The Business Of Selling Your Art” and the brand new “Studio Stories” workshops!
  • Private Facebook Group – Join in on an active community of fellow photographic artists. This is a positive, supportive community, ready to cheer you on in your photographic journey.
  • Plus Members – If you join the club as a plus member – you will have your own page in the club with access to past club texture collections from 2018 to the present.

Workshops included in the club

These workshops are exclusive to the club. They are not for sale on the main site. Workshops on the main 2 Lil’ Owls site are not included in the club.

Plans and Pricing

There are 3 options for joining the club – check them out below!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Thanks for creating all these yummy textures and workshops! I remain in awe of the continued breadth and quality of your work! This has been a fantastic investment for me.
Mary Anne

Always interested in seeing what textures you are inventing and really love the Texture Club sets. Every time I’m working on editing a photo into something that could be found in a shoe box of the past, I always check my 2 LIL OWLS folder first!
James R

“I don’t know where there’s ever been a more enthusiastic and engaged mentor as Denise Love! She has amazing integrity in her life and business approach. You feel like you’re listening to an old friend when you listen to her videos….(maybe that’s a little revealing as to how many times I need to replay them…)”

“Good Morning Owls. Yes, today I received my renewal for the texture club. And I want to share with you that the textures are great – but what makes me want to renew is all of you in the Club! Your support, your creativity, your engagement with me and others. And as a special bonus, we have Denise – as our guiding mentor. You are the best of the best. Happy to renew and look forward to another year. She really does set the bar – other sites/memberships pale by comparison..”

“Oh my goodness! I’ve been off the grid for a little while so I didn’t see the HUGE collection of presets for us Texture Club members! Signed on to get this “months goodies, headed to the extras, and WOW!!!! Thank you SO much, Denise. The club is such an awesome value! You ROCK girl!”

I just joined the Texture Club a couple of months ago and just want to give a shot out to Denise for being a super fantastic instructor! I appreciate that she is so specific with her tutorials and is willing to share her knowledge of photography and photoshop so readily.

Love the new set, Denise! And am so ready to use the new workshop tutorials …gone try and get a few of them done for my first show! I think they will be a hit!! 

Thank you so much! Denise’s textures are my absolute favourites and I use them in most of my work. The texture club has been fantastic and I so look forward the the 1st of the month now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Texture Club after I join?
Texture Club is hosted on its own site due to the programming it runs on. You can access the Texture Club site by going directly to the Texture Club ( or by using the “Already in the club – log in here” button at the top of this page.
Will I use my same log-in as this main site?
Once you have joined the Texture Club – you will receive an invite to create a user account and you will create a username and password for the Texture Club site.

This site and the Texture Club site run on different programming and are not connected for log-in.

To make it easier for yourself – I would recommend you use the same username and password that you used on this main site – that way you don’t have to remember 2 different log-ins!

How is my membership paid?
All payments for the club go through Paypal and you may cancel anytime if you are signed up for the monthly plan.

If you sign up for the yearly plan – you will have access to the club for 1 full year. At the end of that year – you will want to purchase another year to stay in the club. Your membership will NOT automatically renew. I do this so people will not be caught unaware with a payment when the times comes to add another year. Yearly pricing is subject to change each year as the club grows.

*Please be aware – if you should cancel your monthly membership – your access to the club is revoked that day – be sure to grab your downloads before you cancel. Instructions on how to cancel are included on your account page.

Can I upgrade to a yearly package after signing up?
Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. Simply purchase the yearly option – and notify me so I can adjust your membership profile to reflect your new plan!
If I leave and come back do I still get my original monthly club pricing?
Price of texture club is subject to change at any time. If you cancel your membership or let it lapse, rejoining the club would be at current club price. It is your responsibility to make sure your payment type is current at all times. If you need info on how to update payment information – I have included the instructions on your “my account” page.
When are the new collections posted?
New Goodies are posted on the 1st of the month just after midnight Eastern time.

Once the new month goes up – the old month comes down and is added to the “Shop” tab in the texture club to view and on the main site for people to purchase.

Be sure to log in sometime during the month to download that month’s goodies.  I post reminders in our Facebook group and in the club newsletter if you sign up for it.

How many textures do I get each month?

You get lots of good stuff each month!

You get a brand new texture collection – with a minimum of 30 textures in the set.

You get a monthly bonus texture collection – with 15 textures

You also get a “surprise bonus” collection from the main site. That collection is at my discretion and substitutions are not offered. These collections are not included in the Plus Membership for past collections – so be sure you log in each month to grab this surprise bonus from the main site.

You get all that in addition to the extra goodies, videos, and workshops I leave up in the club.

*Disclaimer – no substitutions on collections that come out each month in the club. As a member you have access to what is posted – collections will not be substituted.


What are the -extra- goodies?

There are lots of extra goodies included in the club for you which I add to and change out periodically. Currently, they include preset collections, Calendar templates, resources area, and more!

What format are the files delivered in?
All of the club offerings are delivered in a zip file format – once you download your goodies – simply navigate to where you have your downloads and unzip the files to extract your products.
Will I still have access to the videos after the month is over?
All of the videos for each month will remain available in the club even after a month has ended – I put them up under the extra videos tab or on the workshop page if we are doing a series.
Can I download the videos?
In an effort to keep the club affordable – you get ongoing access to the videos and the workshops for the entire time you are a member of the club. Unfortunately, the videos are not downloadable for this reason.
Can I share what I am working on?
Definitely! Come on over and join the exclusive Facebook group for the club and show us what you are working on with your club resources!
Are these collections different than the ones on the main 2 Lil' Owls site?
Yes! These collections have never been on the main site before and are completely brand new the month they come out in the texture club. Once the month is over – these collections are then added for sale on the main site. Each collection is clearly marked as a past texture club collection.
Do I get access to product and workshops from the main site if I am a member of Texture Club?
No. The products and workshops on the main site are not included in the club. Under the “Extra Goodies” area of the club – I have a coupon code for you to be able to purchase products and workshops on the main site for a 30% off discount! Only 1 coupon code can be used at a time – so you can judge what works out best for you depending on what is on offer at any given time.
Can I share my membership with my friends or others?
No. The membership is one per person. You may not share your membership with anyone else. Sharing your membership or downloaded resources would be considered theft. (You would not walk into a retail store and leave without paying for your items – even if your friend told you that you could – this is exactly the same – digital theft is still theft.)  I work very hard to provide great products and workshops for you. Please respect that and if someone else is interested in the club goodies – direct them to the membership page. The club is super reasonably priced for what is included. If you share your membership info with anyone else – you will risk your membership being revoked – you will be banned from joining in again –  no refund of the unused partial year will be given.
Do I get access to past collections when the month is over or if I leave the club?
No. For regular members, this is a monthly membership – and as such you are paying for access to the items posted during the month you are a member. You are responsible for downloading and backing up your goodies for future needs. Once the month is over you lose access to any past months and will not be able to get replacement links at a later time. You can find prior collections have been moved to the main site and are put up for sale.

For plus members – you are given access to all of the previous collections on your own plus page. You retain access to those links for the time that you are a plus member. You are responsible for downloading and backing up your goodies for future needs. Once your plus membership is over you lose access to those links and will not be able to get replacements links at a later time.

Can I substitute collections for something else each month?

No. Part of the fun of being in the membership is the surprise each month! It’s a little bit like getting a gift each month that you can’t wait to unwrap. It is about pushing yourself in getting creative with the collections that come out – even ones you might not have selected for yourself. Take this time to grow your skills and try out each new thing as they come out!

Do you recommend I join the club if I don't know how to use textures?

No. You’ll want to be proficient in using the products offered in the club before you consider joining. You’ll have access to textures, presets and more – the club isn’t offering you basic training in software – so you’ll want to know how to use your computer and your software before you join.

Do you ever update the Extra Goodies and the Workshops?

I will occasionally change out the collections on the Extra Goodies page and the Workshop page to keep things fresh. If you aren’t finding something from the preview video up top – then some pages may have been updated and changed out.

Can I get replacement download links later?

No. The club is structured in such a way as to keep it affordable for everyone. As such – you are not buying a specific product with additional download links available to you in your account to access at any time. You are making a purchase of access for a specific amount of time.

For regular club members – that means you need to log in each month and download your monthly goodies during that month. After that month is over – you lose access to those downloads. You will want to make your downloads and appropriate backups for yourself before that.

For Plus members – you have access to past collections for the year that you are a plus member. You can go in at any time to download the club past collections on your own past page. Once your year is up – if you do not renew your plus membership – you lose access to the plus page and those downloads. You want to go in, download, and make your appropriate backups for later use. The plus page includes the club collections – It does not, however, include the surprise bonus from the main site – so you will want to download those each month as they come out. Once the month is over – those are gone.