Tips and tricks for applying textures to still life photos


I was super honored to be a part of the Design Cuts 7th Birthday celebration. I have had them as one of my partners for nearly all of that 7 years and have really enjoyed being apart of their community. I did a live presentation for them on behind the scenes still life setups and what I look for when taking photos with textures in mind. I go over lots of set ideas for working in your home by a window or in a spare room on a small piece of wall.

I had a blast doing this and the feedback from the presentation really blew me away. I hope you enjoy this and the Q&A’s that we did throughout. 



  1. Elaine Duncan

    Wow, wow, wow! Such an amazing tutorial, I am so inspired to go and set up my spare room and start creating! thank you so much for all the fantastic tips and tricks, you make it so easy and achievable.

    • Denise Love

      So glad they were helpful! Thank you! 🙂


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