Since it is so cold out – I ran down to the wholesale flower market to see what pretties they had. The selections are much less in the winter (they never have any peonies until at least May) but they always have some pretty colored ranunculus… which are one of my favorite flowers to photograph. This time they had the prettiest yellow and pinks available!

For this set up I have a wood surface I’m set up on by my favorite window to photograph at. I have my old crate on the table that I am using as a backdrop (more to suck up the light and give me a dark background than anything else).

I have the light coming in from the window softly from the left side and all off the lights in the room off so I only have the natural light on my setup.

For these photos I was using my Lensbaby Velvet 85 lens – I absolutely love that lens. I use it set on about f4 – so it doesn’t have that glowy feel the lower f-stop creates but still looks very velvety in the finished photos.  Canon EOS 5D Mark III | ISO800 |1/100s | f4

*The finished photo was processed with the Brocante Preset collection

This is a pullback of my set up – I kept it simple for this shoot.

Photo straight out of the camera. I love the details you can see in the petals and then how the photo fades into a soft blur with a velvet feel from the lens.

Processed with the Brocante Lightroom Preset Collection – preset 16

Used the Creamsicle texture set to add a subtle texture to the photo. Used Creamsicle texture 9 on softlight at about 55% opacity.


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