Retired -Dust And Scratches Black Screen Textures



This is a black texture collection. These work on the Screen mode in photoshop – making the black disappear leaving the wonderful white bits in your photo. Perfect for adding some fine details to a wide variety of subjects including landscapes, portraits, still life and more.

*Due to the nature of this product, there are no returns/refunds available on digital downloads.

This collection includes:

  • 30 High Resolution Textures
  • 300 DPI
  • 4500px X 4500px
  • JPEG format

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Textures are compatible with a wide range of products. These are Jpeg files you layer on top of your photo changing the blending mode to create all sorts of beautiful effects. You can use textures in any program that allows for layers including: Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom (with the use of a plug-in such as Topaz Texture Effects or On1), Gimp, and more.

Once you make your purchase – you will find you download file ready immediately after and in your account at the top of the page if your create an account. This is a zip file download. Once you download your file – you will need to unzip the file and extract your textures. You will then save your textures on your computer somewhere you can locate them later. (I typically have mine filed in a file called “textures”.)

*These are not Actions/Presets. You will not install them into your program.

How to use textures:

Open the Photo you want to use and process it any way you’d like and flatten image.

Then you can add your texture to the layer above your edited photo. You can then change your blending mode to screen (or experiment and try different blending modes like overlay, softlight, etc..).

You can then add a layer mask to brush off the textures from your subject.