RETIRED – Driftwood – Mixed Media Video Workshop



This workshop is being retired to make room for new things coming up!

Mixed media is all the rage now!  Join me in working in sets and creating a collection that will really stand out.  In the Driftwood workshop we will be creating a 6 piece cohesive collection. One that you can display together or hang the pieces separately.

In this workshop I will show you how I created this collection from scratch to final product using various art materials on canvas.  You will watch me apply each layer and gain the confidence that you too can create a beautiful set.  I include in your workshop supplies the 6 Driftwood Beach photos I use in these art pieces – so if you want to follow along exactly – you can!  I encourage you to branch out and use your own photos for this project also.  Once you complete this set – you will be so excited and inspired at the beautiful work you created that I bet you won’t be able to wait to start your next set!

Working in collections/sets is very beneficial for many reasons:

1 – Allows you to explore a theme, colors, and concepts in more than 1 piece of work. Doing this allows you to be more thorough with your ideas, building up a deeper understanding of what you want to create.

2 – Helps you in building up a bodies of work.

3 – This is not really about repetition, but more about how you can look at each and do the same thing differently.

You will watch me create these art projects from start to finish. You don’t have to be a skilled artist to get great results. Once you learn some of these mixed media techniques – you will love creating art!

**The workshop videos are all downloadable for you to keep!

*Due to the nature of this product, there are no returns/refunds available.

We also have a new Facebook Group for those taking workshops!  A great place to share and continue your learning with other students taking our online classes.

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