Acrylic Pours


Welcome! I’m so excited to bring you this workshop on doing Acrylic Pours to create beautiful abstract pieces. I am pretty excited about the projects we have in this workshop and I cannot wait to see the art you end up creating!

Who is this workshop good for? Artists and any creatives – who want to learn how these acrylic pour art pieces are created.

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Have you seen other people producing some beautiful acrylic pours art and wanted to know how they did it? Seeing pieces being made that really WOW you? I absolutely love the organic looks and beautiful patterns this technique creates. Come with me and discover how to create some beautiful one-of-a-kind art for yourself.



I am so excited to bring you this workshop on creating beautiful abstract acrylic art by doing Acrylic Pours. This is by far one of the most fun and slightly addicting art techniques I do. After doing hundreds of pieces myself and experimenting with different substrates, paints, methods and more – I cannot wait to show all the fun things I’ve learned in doing these pieces.

Who is this workshop good for?  Artists and any creatives – who want to learn how to do Acrylic Pours to make beautiful abstract art.

**You have lifetime access to this workshop – Workshop videos are available for you to download and keep.


Acrylic Pours – Beautiful Abstract Acrylic Art


Your workshop includes over 6 hours of video. In this workshop, I have tons of projects we do so you’ll get really comfortable with the methods and supplies. 

In this workshop we will go over the basics and more:

  • We’ll go over a comprehensive list of supplies and a variety of different price ranges you might consider for your pieces.
  • I’ll show you how I keep track of the colors and results I get so I can revisit colorways I loved.
  • We’ll talk about priming your surfaces and the differences you get if you choose a white surface vs. a black surface to start with.
  • I’ll show you how I mix my paints using several different pour mediums.
  • We’ll talk about paint disposal – hint: you don’t use your sink to dispose of your paints.
  • I’ll go over safe ways to use a torch and fire safety – since you will be possible using a small torch to coax your paint to create pretty cells and pop any air bubbles.
  • I’ll cover a TON of different pouring techniques and tools.
  • I’ll talk about what not to do with your piece the very next day.
  • I’ll show you how to pour over pieces you don’t love.
  • I’ll show you some advanced cell creating techniques.
  • We’ll talk about working in a series and I do 2 series in this workshop.
  • I’ll show you how I keep the back of my pieces paint-free.
  • I’ll show you some fun comparisons of how different mediums perform for creating those beautiful color cells.
  • I’ll show you how some different surfaces performed after they had paint poured on them so you can choose what you wish to experiment with for yourself.
  • I’ll show you some different methods for finishing off your pieces when they are finished and dry.
  • AND… I’ll show you how I create some beautiful jewelry pieces to wear using the drop-off paint from your pieces.

When I say this workshop is PACKED FULL… I’m not kidding. Can’t wait to see you in class!



Check out what students are saying about my other workshops in our workshop group:

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“Loving your workshop! It’s really helpful, absolute quality and the very best value for money!”

“Have watched all the videos – was like a book I couldn’t put down! Amazing amazing workshop! Now to gather some supplies. Thanks so much for the enormous amount of research you did – just incredible.”

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“Creative Flowers Workshop. Fluttering Petals technique. This workshop has stirred something in me.”

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“Since beginning the Still Stories course I am seeing still life everywhere.”


** Disclaimer: The content of this workshop is not intended for the use of persons under the age of 18. We are working with art materials and heat sources that should only be used by adults or under the close supervision of an adult. The use of all the materials including fire is at the risk of the user. Propper care and attention should be exercised at all time. Denise Love and 2 Lil’ Owls Studio may not be held liable for any and all injury, loss, and accidents sustained as a result of this course, its content, and methods demonstrated here. All users are encouraged to read and use individual manufactures use and care instructions that accompany any and all materials and tools.



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