Check out the videos below for some of the most common questions on how to download your products and access your workshops. You can find more videos and how-tos under the blog tab and the video tab! Product specific videos can be found on their product pages.

Below are some of the most common questions you might have:

Q: Do you have any coupon codes available?

A: Yes –

Take 20% off your purchase of $60+ with coupon code: take20

Take 30% off your purchase of $120+ with coupon code: take30

*All Coupons Exclude Texture Club Memberships

Q: Can I use more than one coupon in my order?

A: Only one coupon code per order. They do not stack. You want to chose which coupon code gives you the best offer for your oder and use that one.

Q: What programs are your products compatible with?

A:  -The Lightroom presets are compatible with Lightroom 4-6 & 7.2 Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC, Lightroom 7.3 and up and ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) for Photoshop. ACR presets do not work for Photoshop Elements – Elements does not have that feature available.

-Photoshop actions are compatible with the versions listed in each listing of the product.

-Textures – are compatible with any program that supports layers. These include Photoshop, Photoshop elements, On1 software, Topaz Texture Effects, Gimp (Free program) and a few others.

-Photoshop brushes are compatible with the versions listed in each listing. Most commonly – they are for Photoshop CS2-CC and Elements 9 and up.

Q: Are your products returnable?

A. All sales are final. No returns are offered due to the nature of the products I offer. There will be no refunds for any product after download or any workshop after purchase.  No exceptions. Please check your files before you order to prevent duplicate purchases.

Q: Do you guarantee your product will work in future versions of programs?

A: My presets and actions work with the current versions of the software listed in the listings. As I am not an owner of the software companies and cannot control the software updates and changes, I do not guarantee that product will work in future versions.  Although I have not run into an issue of this to this date.

Q: Do you offer help desk support?

A: I have a number of videos, workshops, PDF e-Books available to assist you with how to install actions, presets and how to use textures.  I do not, however, offer basic computer skills support or software support for Adobe or any other software company.

Q. I have purchased a video course – how long do I have to access the videos?

A: The video workshops come with Online access and possibly download options.  You have lifetime access to your purchased workshop. (Lifetime access means the lifetime of this website – or possibly download them to keep). Watch them anytime you want!  They are hosted on Vimeo – there is not an alternative source for viewing the videos – if you run into any issues seeing the videos – you might go ahead and switch browsers. I use Google Chrome and have no issues viewing the videos.  Please make sure you live in a country where viewing videos on Vimeo are not banned. (I reserve the right to retire workshops at my discretion. I do not offer refunds, compensation, or returns on workshop or digital products.)

Your purchase gives you individual and personal access only. You may not share your log in information with anyone else out of respect to your teacher, your fellow classroom participants, and your own personal integrity.

You may not post or share any part of the class or videos publicly or online in any manor. The content of the classes remains the property and copy right of Denise Love of 2 Lil’ Owls Studio.

If you are having trouble accessing the class you are welcome to email me but please understand that if it is an issue on our end – it will be affecting everyone and we will do our best to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. If everything is running smoothly on my side – we may be able to offer helpful suggestions but we cannot take responsibility for your individual technical issues (which may be due to your internet connection, electronic device, web browser, cookie settings, interference of other applications, add-ons and plugins you may have installed etc.). The biggest issue tends to be with browsers – so I will usually recommend you do a computer restart, clear out your internet browser cache – and even switch browsers. I use Google Chrome with few to no issues. No refunds will be made.

If you purchase a class and can’t get into the 1st lesson after getting to the class pages – sometimes PayPal doesn’t talk to the system correctly – and if you’ll email me – I can correct the issue on my end and you’ll be in asap. I strive to answer all emails as quickly as possible – unless it is the middle of the night here – and then I’ll get you set up first thing in the morning.

**We are not responsible for any malfunction or interruptions of service on the part of the website hosting platform, login service provider, video hosting platform, social media or your internet provider. No refunds will be made. If you email me and I can access the class and videos as it should be – then the problem is on your end – I recommend you restart your computer,  switch browsers and clear out your browser cache and try again.

** Disclaimer: The content of these workshops are not intended for the use of persons under the age of 18. In some classes, We are working with art materials and heat sources that should only be used by adults or under the close supervision of an adult. The use of all the materials including fire is at the risk of the user. Proper care and attention should be exercised at all times. Denise Love and 2 Lil’ Owls Studio may not be held liable for any and all injury, loss, and accidents sustained as a result of these courses, their content, and methods demonstrated. All users are encouraged to read and use individual manufactures’ use and care instructions that accompany any and all materials and tools.

Q: Can I get a substitution on the bonus items in workshops?

A.No. There are no substitutions offered on any part of the workshop or their bonus inclusions. Many of the bonus items were created specifically for each workshop, they are occasionally then offered for sale separately – but will be notated in each listing that they are part of a workshop so you can make the appropriate decisions on your purchase.

Q. Are my download links good forever?

A. Your digital product purchase comes with 10 initial downloads that do not expire and can be found in your account. (If you made a purchase prior to 2017 – then you made your purchase on the old website where accounts were not available – so you will not find old purchases in your account)

You are responsible for downloading your product and making your own backups of your resources for future use. I do not guarantee that you’ll be able to get download links at a later time or if you exhaust your downloads in your account.

Q. How are the download products sent?

A. They are sent to you in a zip file format. This is the most common file type and the industry standard for sending the downloadable product. You will need to have a zip file opener on your computer to open the file. Most computers come standard with the feature on them. If you have an older system and do not have a zip program – you can get free programs such as Winzip or Coffee Cup Wizzard. You can also google free zip file opener and see what other options are available. If you are unsure if you can unzip files – be sure to download the freebie collections above to give them a try out before you make a purchase.

Q. Can I download my products to a mobile device such as my iPad or iPhone?

A. No. Unfortunately, these mobile devices are not capable of downloading large zip files and then unzipping them like a computer is. You must download your product to a computer and unzip the files to extract your purchase. You can then transfer files over to your devices to use them if you have purchased something such as the iPhone textures. I like Dropbox the best for making transfers like this.

Q. Can I sell my art that I have created using your products?

A. Yes – you are welcome to sell your art that you used my products to create.  The only thing I ask is that you not resell my products as-is or make derivative products (textures, brushes, etc) for sale from them.

Q. May I share the textures with others?

A. No. You are purchasing a single user right to use.  You may not share or resell the products you purchase. You may not upload/share the texture as is or in a format where the texture can be extracted, or used as an effect, to the internet or in any online communities including software share communities.

Q. Do you have a commercial license for larger use than small art runs – such as for use in an App?

A. Large commercial license – Not currently available at this time.

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. All sales are final. There will be no refunds for any product after download or any workshop after purchase.  No exceptions. Please check your files before you order to prevent duplicate purchases.


**Contact me for any questions: Chiefowl [at] yahoo [dot] com

Terms of Use – all products, packaging, descriptions, workshops, and this site is copyright of 2 Lil’ Owls Studio | Denise Love

By purchasing products from my site you are agreeing to these terms for personal or professional use:

This license extends to the original purchaser only and cannot be sub-licensed, resold, transferred or redistributed.

The item you purchase cannot be resold, shared, loaned, or redistributed on its own or used in a product offered for sale where the item can be extracted. You may not redistribute or post them to the internet for any reason.

You are welcome to use these products in the creation of your own original art you offer for sale, your client works – personal and professional and must be offered as a flattened image where the items cannot be extracted.

All workshops, ebooks, textures, presets and all other products on this site are the intellectual property of 2 Lil’ Owls Studio and cannot be copied, resold, or plagiarized. The setups and teachings in the workshops are the original ideas of Denise Love of 2 Lil’ Owls Studio and may not be replicated in part or whole in any product or workshop you wish to create and sell whether it be in person or online. Any repurposing or redistribution is illegal and is subject to prosecution.

Any violation of the copyright will result in the termination of your permission to use any of my products, ideas, workshops, etc. with no refunds being issued. Your access will be revoked. Your account will be canceled and you are no longer welcome on my site at any time thereafter.

If you ever issue a payment dispute with any of the payment processors instead of sending me a courtesy email with whatever issue you may be having – you will forfeit your right to use my site, your access to any purchases and your account will be deleted. I strive to be overly generous and trying to dispute your downloaded purchases is considered theft. If you have an issue with any product I offer, then your best course of action is to email me and we will sort through it together.


With your workshop purchase you agree to the following:

If you purchase a workshop and are having trouble accessing the class – please refer to the video at the top of this page on “how to access your class after purchase” for a quick guide on how to get in and where it is located.

Your registration to the workshops gives you personal and individual access only. You will not share your classroom login with anyone, out of respect for your teacher, fellow participants, and your own integrity.

You will not display publicly or online, or share in any manner to other parties any part of the class, including the videos and any bonuses. All content of the classes is created by me and protected by copyright law.

You have high-speed internet access as well as an up-to-date device and web browser to view class content, load pages containing multiple images and videos, with enough bandwidth to be adapted to viewing high-resolution video streaming without any annoying interruptions or breaks in internet connections.

You are committed to being respectful and kind to fellow participants and of your teacher at all times, and to respect the present terms. Should you fail to do so, we reserve the right to temporarily suspend or permanently delete your member account, including access to all our online classes, paid or unpaid, as well as our Facebook group, without notice or refund and at our sole discretion.

We are not, under any circumstances, responsible for any incident, injury, loss, or damage that may occur to you as you take the class. We advise you to get acquainted with any safety measures that the use of your supplies, tools, and materials may require.

Our paid classes have “lifetime access”. In this instance, the term “lifetime” means for as long as we are operating our business.

We are not responsible for any malfunction or interruptions of service on the part of the website hosting platform, login service provider, video hosting platform, social media, or your internet provider. If you are having trouble accessing your class or videos – I recommend you clear out your browser cache and restart your internet and computer. I also recommend you try a different browser – chrome seems to be the one that works best for me and be the most dependable.

We reserve the right to modify or update the contents of the class at any time.

These online classes are meant for enjoyment, fun, and inspiration. They are not, under any circumstances, meant as professional or academic training. There are no grades, no schedule, no assignments, and no certificates of completion.

We do our best to make the classes as detailed and informative as possible, so you can follow on your own. Further interaction with your teacher is a bonus and a privilege. To keep the classes affordable – It is not, under any circumstances, part of the service you pay for when you register for an online class.