I was making myself a little afternoon snack – fruit and Redi Whip… and as I was swirling that whip cream over the top of the fruit… I decided that it was pretty enough to photograph! This year I am working to change things up for myself to keep things exciting and I’m going to try out some color combinations I wouldn’t normally reach for – so on this I ended up using a yellow wood board and some pretty lavender cheesecloth… I was pleasantly surprised at how well all the colors flowed. Definitely a color combination I’ll revisit.

I have the light coming in from the window softly from the left side and all off the lights in the room off so I only have the natural light on my setup. The display board on the back of the scene is one of my textures from the Wax Storms texture collection (texture 21) that I had printed on luster paper and mounted on gator board at my local printer. (Size is 24″ X 30″)

For these photos, I was using my Canon 24-70 f2.8  Canon EOS 5D Mark III | ISO400 |1/200s | f2,8 | 62mm

*The finished photos were processed with the Scrumptious Lightroom Presets included in the Lets’s Get Creative With Food Photography Workshop.

This is a pullback of my set up – I kept it simple for this shoot.


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