Creating Big Impact: Translating Small Abstracts to a Larger Piece – Painting Tutorial

In my latest video, I took one of my mini abstract creations and decided to go big with it. I wanted to share with you the process of translating those smaller, intricate details into a larger, more impactful piece. It’s all about capturing the essence and techniques that made the small ones stand out and infusing them into a larger canvas. Join me in this relaxed art tutorial, where we’ll explore the journey from compact creativity to a more substantial masterpiece. It’s about thinking big while staying true to the unique vibe that started it all.

*Supplies I’m using in class:
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Hahnemuhle Collection 100% Cotton Watercolor Pad –
Artist tape –
Art Sponges –
Derwent XL Charcoal Set of 6 –
Decorative Stencil, Set of 6 (Damask) –
A few favorite colors of paint for mark-making
Dip pen
Black Ink –