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Today I want to talk a little about Photoshop brushes.  You can pretty much make anything into a brush.. then how you use them is the fun part.  I love to go out and take photos of textures in lots of places.  The junk yard is super fun.. rust and grunge galore!  Old buildings are fun too.. lots of opportunity out there.

Recently a friend and I went on a little trip of small towns skirting Atlanta.  There are a lot of things to be found in rural areas.  We had the best time finding things that were hiding out there. One of the towns was a Cotton town.  There was a huge cotton building (barn?) where the would run the cotton through the machines after they had picked it from the fields.  Little white cotton wads were running down the streets like tumble weeds.. and there were random cotton bales sitting around.  I took tons of pics in this little town..


Cotton gins?  Looks like where the process starts..

Processed cotton… still very dirty.. It kinda looked like mountains of dirty snow.. I almost wanted to jump into a pile like it was leaves.. lol..

Then there was this random bale of cotton.. Kinda like a hay bale.. but all white.  This side made the coolest texture.. and this is what I made the brush out of.. it is super cool!!!

Hay bale brush on a plain backgound..   The below photos use this brush.. The before pic is in the lower right corner.  I love how this adds some dimension to the background of both of these photos.

You can find the Plaster/Grunge brush set here:  http://2lilowls.com/old-plaster-walls-and-grunge-brush-set/

This set includes 45 large brushes approx 2500 px..

Have a great week!!

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