Little Purple Beauty.. New photo recipe..

I’ve been experimenting again.. which I am usually doing when I do a new photo… trying new things.. shooting for new looks.  I make it my goal to use a new texture sometimes.. something I’ve not used before – just to try to push my boundaries.. and today I have a little purple beauty for you!

Finished Photo



This is the photo I started with.. I shoot with a Canon 50mm compact macro lens most of the time.. with the aperture wide open to get the great blurry background.. I like to call it “shooting for the bokeh”.. I love the blur to have beautiful colors. I sharpened before I added the textures.. my own preference.. I like the photo sharp.. not the textures.. 


I applied a vintage paper to the photo before adding some color actions.. I have a screne shot of the layers at the bottom.

This is document 52 in the Vintage French papers set 1.. I added to the photo @ 100% Darken.  

Then I added Gilda Bokeh from Bokeh papers set 2. I added it twice – once @ 39% Color burn and once @ 100%  Softlight.